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Weemu is a weekly menu organizer, that can also keep a list of your favorite recipes.It maintains a list of menus, which represents a week of meals. There are tabs for each day, by selecting one, you will be able to view the meals, family members, and the recipes for the meals. Weemu allows for different foods for each member on your family list if desired. You can also build as many weeks as you need. They can be named however you want. They can named for the week they represent or for their purpose. For example, they could be named 9/7 - 9/14 or Diet week one. The menu screen allows easy access to the main data of the app. You can add meals , family members , and foods with ease. Meals are managed from the drawer menu, while the family members and foods are located conveniently with the item or its parent. Each of the + buttons add items to the parent items. Each trash can will remove the item.

The app maintains a list of family members and allows different foods for each member. This gives Weemu a high degree of flexibility in planning a weeks meals. In fact,it was designed with picky eaters in mind. Weemu will make organizing your meals an easy and effortless process. The key to this is putting the main data in a single central screen rather than splitting it into several different screens. Also management of the various lists are also centralized on the drawer menu. This allows access to the various lists without returning to a navigation screen. As well each of the selection screens allow adding new items which can then be selected.

Weemu also manages a list of recipes for the various foods in your meal plans. This includes a list of ingredients and the instructions to make it.This means you can keep the meals and the recipes together in one app. As well you can access the recipe for a food by simply tapping it on the menu screen. Having a list of ingredients for each food you put in the meal plan, allows a list of items needed for the weeks menu. With this information, it can also make a shopping list from the recipes that are used so you will know what you will need for that given week.

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